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Home and Business Computer Security Software

Home and Business Computer Security Software

Cartcom supply and install managed computer security software. What is managed security software?

Back in the old days buying computer security software was normally done by buying direct from a supplier or going to your local store, buying a disk and installing it. This is ok, however with the way the industry is at the moment, more and more people are installing this type of software, and really not knowing if the software is working or installed correctly.

This is where managed computer security software comes into play. Cartcom activley manage and monitor your computer protection, 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Cartcom push updates and activly check your protection is working. If we discover a problem, i.e no updates, no deep scans or the key services have stopped working, Cartcom are then alerted to the problem so we can then either repair the problem or alert you to a fault.

Basicly managed antivirus provides a much better value for money service, with the addition of other services like website protection, windows update management and even managed backup data services.

We have 3 packages available for Home and Business users theres are;

    Managed Antivirus, with Managed website protection and Unlimted Remote / Workshop Support and Phone Support
    . This is our most popular service. You pay a fixed monthly or yearly price. This will cover all repairs and maintenance** You will receive weekly emails detailing the faults we have found and fixed


    This is for Managed Antivirus and Website Protection modules. We look after your computers security, then we offer a cheaper repair if something goes wrong. You will receive weekly emails detailing the faults we have found and fixed


  • Package 3 - This is for low users or basic users that dont bank online. We provide the basic element of Managed Antivirus.

What ever your needs it would be best to contact us, so we can get a idea on usage, so we can point you in the right direction on what service you need. Cartcom offer all new customers a FREE audit, so we can assess your needs.

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